We are kupolestar

热爱陈列 极致美学

Established in 1979, KUPO Display is a professional manufacturer of display set-ups for the retail and shopfitting industry. To be your best partner in shop-fitting design, we spare no effort constantly in uplifting our R&D and manufacturing capability, bringing high standard products and services for global customers.

kupolestar, a quick-assemble shop fitting brand of KUPO Display, offers comprehensive and complete range of accessories for shop display design.

Fabricated in chic, slick and succinct design for upmost eye-catching presentation, Polestar also features in greatest mobility to where construction space or timeframe is limited. With wide selections of connecting accessories, your visual merchandising can be presented with geogous looks

The fabrications of our Kupole, Pillar, Kube, X-Bone, Super Joint series are dedicated to a distinct and eye catching design. They are lightweight yet durable, flexible, easy to assemble and elegant.

With wide spreading applications such as beauty salons, sport stores, clothing shops, department stores and the likes, the product diversity, versatility and flexibility are the key attractions and credits for the outstanding achievements.